2012 IPL 500 Festival Parade Floats Win Honors

2012 IPL 500 Festival Parade Floats Win Honors

Fri, 2012-05-25

INDIANAPOLIS (May 25, 2012) – Last evening, nine of the 13 floats scheduled to appear in the 2012 IPL 500 Festival Parade tomorrow were judged on the following criteria: Interpretation of theme, animation, humor, attention to detail, balance and symmetry, use of color, creativity of design, excitement generated from float presentation, eye appeal to audience, originality, floral design and overall beauty. The floats are honored on a mere recognition factor only and no monetary prizes are awarded; however, the annual “competition” brings prestige to the IPL 500 Festival Parade, the float designers and sponsors.

The 2012 IPL 500 Festival Parade float honors go to the following:


Float: “Jump-Start a Health Revolution”

Sponsor: Anthem

Dimensions: 17’T x 15’W x 58’L

Description: This year, Anthem wants to “Jump Start a Health Revolution!”  The feature presentation on their 2012 float is an apple and orange jumping rope to get in shape. Mechanical motion is used to show a boy and girl moving the ropes for these playful fruits. A picnic basket full of healthy snacks is displayed on the front tier while the last tier features a 12’ tall smiling sunshine and colorful rainbow.  Both props were hand carved from foam and hand painted. Click here for a photo of the winning float. Click here for a detailed shot.

THEME AWARD: Best Development of 500 Festival Theme “A New REVolution”

Float: “A New Revolution in Education”

Sponsor: Eli Lilly & Company

Dimensions: 15’T x 18’W x 50’L

Description: This float features a Lilly scientist and student looking into the future of medicine and technology through a telescope. The telescope accompanies chemistry equipment, which has been used for centuries as the base science for the production of new medicine. A future-forward approach is taken with solar panels and a wind machine which are both generating energy to power the racecar and laptop. Mechanical motion is used to rotate the blades of the wind machine. More than 1,500 lbs. of foam were used to construct this float! The future will be full of possibilities and new ideas!

CHECKERED FLAG AWARD: For Exceptional Merit

Float: “The Pinnacle of Performance”

Sponsor: St. Vincent Sports Performance

Dimensions: 18’T x 18’W x 48’L

Description: Get ready for the London 2012 Summer Olympics! This year’s St. Vincent’s float is a grand display which represents four Olympic sports: diving, swimming, track & field & gymnastics.  The symbolic structures of London, England are proudly displayed on this float including the classic British phone booths and infamous Tower of Big Ben. The swimming team is practicing their stroke on the first platform, with a diver in position overhead. A track and field representative is ready to run at the base of the mountain, while the gymnast stands tall and proud at 19’ with the gold medal around his neck and the Olympic torch in the other. This float took more than 450 hours of carving to construct. St. Vincent’s wishes the best of luck to the US Olympic teams as they invade London and work to bring home the Gold!

QUEEN’S AWARD: Most Effective Use of Color Harmony

Float: “Start a Home Revolution”

Sponsor: Indianapolis Power & Light

Dimensions: 16’T x 17’W x 54’L

Description: The IPL float exemplifies the 2012 theme: “Start a Home Revolution.” This theme is displayed on the IPL race car tow unit and the pieces of pink, rolled out insulation. This float features a lush green yard as the landscape complete with colorful flowers and trees. The rider can be seen planting a new tree while another plants flowers.  The other riders are putting caulking around the windows to conserve energy. The rear of the float features a 16’ tall smiling sunshine that sways from side to side. The pink house includes blinking eyes and arms that move up and down and hold an energy efficient light bulb and a caulking gun. The dog happily wags his tail back and forth as this home receives an energy efficient makeover.  This is a true home revolution!

CHAIRMAN’S AWARD: Best Display of Humor

Float: “Three Little Pigs”

Sponsor: The Sexton Companies

Dimensions: 17’T x 18’W x 48’L

Description: This year’s float celebrates Sexton’s 50 years in the commercial construction business & encompasses the theme of “The Three Little Pigs!” The three pigs better watch out for the nearly 20’ tall wolf, as he can be seen lurking around the infamous Sexton Clubhouse.  Luckily, this clubhouse is built tough enough even to withstand a wolf! The use of real building materials such as saws, logs, straw and many other objects, makes this float stand in a category of its own. Two side units accompany this “The Three Little Pigs” themed float, one being a house made of straw and the other a house built of wood. Black & White checkered flags are displayed under the clubhouse windows and atop the straw house to help ring in the 2012 Indianapolis Mile 500 Race!

PRESIDENTS AWARD: Most Original Concept

Float: “The Next Chapter of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing”

Sponsor: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Dimensions: 17’6T x 16’W x 50’L

Description: The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is showcasing the theme of “Close Finishes: The Next Chapter of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing” in their 2012 float. This float features the infamous Indianapolis Motor Speedway winged wheel that spins using mechanical motion and has a diameter of 12’. All seven racing flags are displayed in the rear of the float. The races of 1982, 1992 and 2006 are featured, showing the cars and drivers that were involved in the close finishes of each race.

Judges for the 2012 float included:

Doug Green, Vice President of Bowl Games of America and Skys the Limit Productions located in Salt Lake City, Utah. For twenty four years now Doug has produced over 300 major college bowl game pregame and halftime shows and worked on hundreds of other major events including two Presidential Campaigns, eight MLB All Star Games and World Series and the Men’s and Women’s Final Four.  Doug has also been a key partner in producing the 500 parade opening the past several years and much of the patriotic pageantry you see at the 500 race and Colts games.

Ed Bautista, Marketing and Events Manager for the City of San Jose, CA. Ed also serves as the Event Manger for San Jose’s Christmas in the Park, an annual holiday tradition that includes 60 musical and animated exhibits, glittering lights and a 60-foot Community Giving Tree. Ed also served as Executive Director for the San Jose Holiday Parade for 18 years, which was named as one of the top 25 Parades in the US and features national celebrities, giant helium balloons, brassy bands, beautifully decorated floats and spectacular entertainers.

More than 300,000 spectators are expected to line the two-mile parade route to see the 33 starting drivers of the 2012 Indianapolis 500®, more than 80 specialty units, floats, marching bands and giant inflatable balloons. This year’s parade is a true representation of the power and pageantry of the month of May with a television package that will bolster the Parade’s national presence, airing on May 26 at 5 p.m. on NBC Sports Network and 8 p.m. locally on WISH-TV. Tickets to the IPL 500 Festival Parade are available at the 500 Festival Ticket Office weekdays from 8:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tickets can also be purchased by calling (317) 614-6400.  Reserved bleacher seats are $14.50; reserved chair seats $19 and reserved VIP/TV Zone seats are $32. For more information, visit www.500festival.com.

The mission of the 500 Festival is to advocate and celebrate the spirit, heritage and legacy of the Indianapolis 500®. Through social, cultural and educational events and programs, the 500 Festival enhances the quality of life for all citizens of our communities.

The 500 Festival, a not-for-profit volunteer organization, was created in 1957 to organize civic events celebrating the greatest race in the world. Over the past 55 years, the 500 Festival has grown to become one of the largest festivals in the nation.

Last year, over 500,000 Hoosiers and visitors participated in nearly 50 events and programs throughout the month of May. Whether they were athletes running the Mini-Marathon, fourth grade students participating in the Education Program, families enjoying the state’s largest festival for kids or spectators being dazzled by one of the nation’s premier parades, they were there, celebrating the legacy.

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