Fast February

Fast February

In 2017, February wasn’t what February is supposed to be here in Indiana. Average temperatures in the high 20s are the norm. Averages closer to 45 are what happened. And with the change in weather came a change in speed. We opened up our spring season of running events with the 3-Miler – the first of our Miler Series races – and an amazing, high 50s February day ensued.

Don’t get me wrong, we expected some fast times. But we didn’t expect this…

The Miler Series is a training series. There are no awards (until your medal after the 10-Miler). There’s barely a pat on the back for our male and female winners. Your bibs keep track of your times and, frankly, we don’t care how fast or how slow you ran. The point is that you showed up, had fun, and committed to training for the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in May. But we’re not you.

YOU do care how fast you ran. YOU want to push yourself to get better. And most of all, YOU want to ring that PR Bell after each and every race we run. And that’s what we didn’t quite expect:

Nearly 2000 participants were present on 3-Miler morning. Well over 200 of them waited patiently in line to ring the PR Bell like it was the newest attraction at Cedar Point. We assume even more had clocked a new PR, but simply weren’t willing to wait in line.

Being in a hurry on the course sometimes equates to being in a hurry off of it. We get it. Especially when the line was pushing a 20-minute wait from 9:40 am – 10:20 am.

However long or short that line is for the PR Bell, we loved seeing those faces light up when that bell rings.

The 6-Miler is March 11 at 9:00 am. Shred those old times and help us make March just as fast!  |   @500Festival  |  |