500 Festival Princess: Anna Marie Farlow

500 Festival Princess: Anna Marie Farlow

 Anna Marie Farlow

2017 500 Festival Princess Anna Marie Farlow shares her Princess Program experience, including her favorite events, moments, and outreaches. 

One of my favorite events that I got to plan was helping out at the Little 500 5K race at Indiana University. Not only did I get to contribute to one of the many events leading up to the Little 500 race, I got to introduce the other Princesses to the school I love! It was really special to combine my love for my school with my new found passion for the Princess Program.

The most surprising part of the Princess Program for me was the impact that my director made. Before being paired with Mike Strohl, I didn’t really understand the benefit of being paired with a board member. However, Mike and his wife Val made the program extra special for me. From setting up professional opportunities to inviting me over just to bake cookies, they made me feel loved and supported throughout the month of May and beyond. The Princess Program continually surprised me with opportunities that changed my life.

I loved being able to be a mentor for others throughout the Princess Program. I did an outreach at Girl’s Inc and their excitement at seeing a “real princess” was overwhelming. At each successive event, especially the Kid’s Day event, I realized the impact that the other Princesses and I were having on the kids who met us. Some kids would even recognize us from one event to another! It helped to remind me that being a mentor doesn’t stop when I take off the sash and tiara.


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