a 500 festival princess

  • Represents the 500 Festival by actively supporting its mission, values, and goals.
  • Participates in 500 Festival outreach initiatives throughout Indiana. This includes conducting programming in their hometown and other communities around Indiana on behalf of the organization and the Princess Program.
  • Engages with activities surrounding the 500 Festival and Indianapolis Motor Speedway throughout Spring 2023.
  • Learns by taking advantage of opportunities for personal development, volunteerism, and community involvement.
  • Has fun and makes new friends through volunteerism—one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of participation in the 500 Festival Princess Program.


Mandatory Events

  • Saturday, February 18: 500 Festival Princess Program Orientation  
  • 500 Festival Leadership Development Program, presented by FORVIS
    • Each Princess must attend at least one session, sessions scheduled throughout Spring 2023 
  • Saturday, May 6: OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon  
  • May 2023: Salesforce & JPMorgan Chase 500 Festival Kids’ Day & Rookie Run 
  • May 2023: 500 Festival Breakfast at the Brickyard, presented by Midwestern Engineers, Inc. & 500 Festival Volunteer Appreciation Day  
  • May 2023: American Legion 500 Festival Memorial Service 
  • Saturday, May 27: AES 500 Festival Parade   
  • Sunday, May 28: 107th Running of the Indianapolis 500 

NOTE: All dates/times are subject to change. Exceptions for major life events (college graduation, weddings for immediate family members, etc.) will be made on a case-by-case basis. 



As ambassadors for the 500 Festival, the 500 Festival Princesses play a critical role in the organization’s statewide outreach initiative. Each 500 Festival Princess will be responsible for securing community outreaches within her hometown, college town, or Indianapolis. They will work closely with the 500 Festival staff to develop messaging, talking points, and presentations. These outreaches will take place from February through May of 2023.



In addition to the mandatory activities, the 2023 500 Festival Princesses are encouraged to participate in other community and 500 Festival activities, including:  

  • March 2023: 500 Festival 6-Miler, presented by OrthoIndy  
  • April 2023: 500 Festival 10-Miler, presented by OrthoIndy  
  • Wednesday, May 3: 500 Festival Kickoff to May   
  • March 2023: Mobile study trips for the 500 Festival & Indianapolis 500 Education Program, presented by Indiana University Health   
  • April 2023: Study trips for the 500 Festival & Indianapolis 500 Education Program, presented by Indiana University Health  
  • February-May 2023: Visits with fellow 500 Festival Princesses to Statewide Outreach efforts at community centers, hometown schools, community organizations/associations and hospitals around the state 
  • Thursday, May 4 – Friday, May 5: 500 Festival Mini-Marathon Expo  

NOTE: All dates/times are subject to change



The Leadership Development Program provides various opportunities for 500 Festival Princesses to learn more about professionalism in a working environment. Sessions throughout Spring 2023 will include discussions and trainings on personal brand, job search, mentorship, civic engagement, financial wellness, and more. Princesses are expected to attend a minimum of two sessions.


Additional 500 Festival princess program policies

  • Selection as a 2023 500 Festival Princess prohibits eligibility in any future 500 Festival Princess selections. 
  • 500 Festival Princesses are expected to act professionally at all times. Inappropriate behavior and/or attire at 500 Festival, Indianapolis Motor Speedway (heretofore referred to as “IMS”), IndyCar, or related events can result in immediate dismissal. Immediate dismissal will occur after any of the following instances but is not limited to: conviction of a felony or misdemeanor, illegal use of alcohol and/or drugs, public indecency, public nuisance, and/or any behavior deemed by the 500 Festival and/or the IMS as detrimental to the interest of the 500 Festival and/or the IMS, its representatives, sponsors, or licensees. In cases of dismissal, the Princess shall forfeit all rights, titles, or claims to any title designations, scholarships, prizes, or awards. 
  • Smoking and/or drinking alcoholic beverages are not allowed at 500 Festival/IndyCar/IMS events. Any Princess smoking and/or drinking at aforementioned events and/or while wearing Princess attire will be immediately dismissed. 
  • 500 Festival Princesses may take part in contests, leadership development, or other scholarship programs throughout their time in the 500 Festival Princess Program. However, if a scheduling conflict should arise, the Princess agrees to make the 500 Festival events and activities her top priority throughout the months of April and May. 
  • The Princesses acknowledge it is in the interest and benefit of the 500 Festival and IMS to make appearances on behalf of the 500 Festival and IMS, including but not limited to, radio, television, other broadcast media, charitable service appearances, endorsement, or advertising appearances, without compensation. 
  • Fraternization between IndyCar staff, drivers, crew members, and guests of the IMS and/or the 500 Festival by Princesses during their term is forbidden by the 500 Festival. Such conduct may result in immediate dismissal and is at the sole discretion of the 500 Festival. The 500 Festival will act as the final decision maker on all issues of conduct as outlined in this agreement. 
  • Candidates who have an immediate family member currently employed by the 500 Festival, currently serving on the 500 Festival Board of Directors, or currently employed by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are not subject to preferential treatment in the 2023 500 Festival Princess Program selection process.
  • Concerning all social media outlets: Inappropriate content posted on the internet, as determined by the 500 Festival, may lead to dismissal and/or other appropriate action by the 500 Festival. This rule also applies to sites and/or web pages with “private” settings. 
  • Dismissal requires the relinquishing of all gifts you have received as a 2023 500 Festival Princess. 
  • No Princess will participate in any outreach, media appearance, social media endeavor, or event as a 500 Festival Princess without express consent from the 500 Festival’s Princess Program Director. Additionally, all outreach endeavors must be approved by the 500 Festival. 
  • Excessive absenteeism and/or tardiness can result in your dismissal as a 500 Festival Princess. 
  • One 500 Festival Princess will be selected to serve as the 500 Festival Queen Scholar. The 500 Festival Queen Scholar will have the opportunity to participate in 500 Festival and Indianapolis Motor Speedway events throughout May. In addition, she will be asked to make media and public appearances on behalf of the 500 Festival. She will work closely with the 500 Festival staff to develop messaging, talking points, and presentations.