500 Festival Staff

Get to Know Our Team
  • Bob Bryant

    Bob Bryant

    President and CEO

  • Jen Lowe

    Jen Lowe

    Senior Vice President of Administration

  • Sara Adams

    Sara Adams

    Vice President of Operations

    • Post Race Party
    • Breakfast at the Brickyard
    • Off the Grid

  • Glenn Amos

    Glenn Amos

    Vice President of Operations

    • Miler Series
    • Mini-Marathon
    • Memorial Service

  • Laura Bliss

    Laura Bliss

    Vice President of Operations

    • Kickoff to May
    • Parade
    • Princess Program

  • Helen Khamis

    Helen Khamis

    Marketing Manager

  • Lindsay Labas

    Lindsay Labas

    Vice President of Marketing & Communications

  • Patrick Merna

    Patrick Merna

    Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

  • Kathleen Messmer

    Kathleen Messmer

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Joshua Reichart

    Joshua Reichart

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

    • Corporate Member Program

  • Diana Richardson

    Diana Richardson

    Executive Assistant

  • Christin Rollett

    Christin Rollett

    Registration, Ticketing, & Customer Service Manager

  • Michael Spagnolli

    Michael Spagnolli

    Program and Event Coordinator

  • Jamie Stremming

    Jamie Stremming

    Program & Event Manager

    • Education Program
    • KidsFit Program
    • Rookie Run

  • Christine Swarm

    Christine Swarm

    Executive Director, 500 Festival Foundation

  • Lydia Thurston

    Lydia Thurston

    Director of Registration, Ticketing, & Customer Service

    • Donation Requests

  • Heather Williamson

    Heather Williamson

    Event & Program Manager

    • Volunteer Program
    • Intern Program

500 Festival Independent Contractors

Bryan Apolskis, Parade Logistics Coordinator

Steve Patterson, Princess Program Logistics Liaison

Max Jones, Parade Marching Band Consultant